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Herb - Ashwagandha | The Good Seed Company
Herb - Ashwagandha
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Aka Indian Ginseng or Winter Cherry. This easy-to-grow member of the nightshade family, native to India, is treasured by Ayurvedic herbalists for its root, which has restorative and rejuvenating properties. Considered an adaptogen - a natural substance which helps the body adapt to stress and exerts a normalizing effect upon bodily processes. Attributed properties include: immune stimulant, replenishing strength and energy reserves, increasing mental awareness and mood balancer. Grows to about 3 ft and produces pretty red berries in lantern-like pods in late fall.

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Herb - Nettle | The Good Seed Company
Herb - Nettle
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Aka “Stinging Nettle” because of the skin irritating “hairs” on its leaves, this herbaceous perennial is a prized multi-use medicinal and multi-function plant. Tap root loads up new leaves with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. When cooked, leaves lose their hairs and make an early season nutritional treat. Tea used as a whole body tonic. Also a pollinator friendly dye plant and fiber source for cordage and cloth. Permaculture, polyculture and homestead plant.

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Rama Tulsi - Holy Basil | The Good Seed Company
Herb - Rama Tulsi - Holy Basil
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3,000 year-old aromatic medicinal and sacred ceremonial plant, aka “Holy Basil”, treasured in the Ayurvedic tradition. Well-characterized mint family member adaptogen that rebalances a host of disorders, including inflammation, arthritis, heart disease, and cancer. Immune system enhancer. Typically ingested as a tea from leaf or flowers, or by essential oil application. Pollinator friendly dye plant that is a good companion for nightshades. Prized permaculture, polyculture and homestead container plant.

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