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Greens - Mustard - Red | The Good Seed Company
Greens - Mustard - Red
Our Price: $2.99

Mild, purple-veined bright green baby leaves that turn a gorgeous burgundy as they grow. Spicy mustard flavor increases with maturity. Excellent kimchi/pickling/vegetable fermenting ingredient. Cold-tolerant, you can start it in the early cool days of spring.

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Greens - Mustard - Jiu Tou Niao | The Good Seed Company
Greens - Mustard - Jiu Tou Niao
Our Price: $2.99

This rare, fast-growing heirloom mustard from South China is prized for its tender, mild mustard flavor, sumptuous in soups and stirfries. Excellent early spring green with wonderful nutrition. Superior source of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, particularly vitamin K, which provides anti-inflammatory benefits. Considered a Sher Li Hon type of Chinese mustard with a sweet, slightly peppery flavor, it grows to about 18 inches.

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