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Lettuce - Forellenschuss | The Good Seed Company
Lettuce - "Freckles" aka Forellenschluss
Our Price: $3.25

This beautiful and delicious heirloom comes from Austria, with wine speckled bright green leaves (its name means “speckled trout back”).  It does very well in the cold, can be planted early in the spring, and holds up well in summer. Absolutely delicious flavor. One of our favorite lettuces.  Also known here as Speckled Trout Back Lettuce or "Freckles". more info
Lettuce - Black Seeded Simpson | The Good Seed Company
Lettuce - Black Seeded Simpson
Our Price: $3.25

A beloved loose leaf heirloom that has been producing the first green of spring for a long time. This leaf variety is the earliest lettuce, producing large, tender light green crumpled leaves.
more info
Lettuce - Deer Tongue | The Good Seed Company
Lettuce - Deer Tongue
Our Price: $3.25

This compact heirloom lettuce has tongue shaped succulent outer leaves with a crisp bright flavor. Handed down through generations as a lettuce that is slow to bolt and does not get bitter. more info
Lettuce - Heirloom Baby Lettuce Blend | The Good Seed Company
Lettuce - Heirloom Baby Lettuce Blend
Our Price: $3.25

A blend of our favorite heirloom lettuces. These varieties do well in cool weather, mature within ten days of each other and provide a delightful mix of greens and reds, leaf shapes and flavors, all of which make for beautiful and tasty salads. "Cut and come again" greens, so you can harvest them continually. There’s a reason why these seeds have been treasured through generations! more info
Lettuce - Salad  Bowl | The Good Seed Company
Lettuce - Salad Bowl
Our Price: $3.25

This fast-growing and delicious buttery lettuce comes on later than Black-Seeded Simpson, with beautiful serrated, savoy-type lime green leaves. Plant is slow to bolt and stands heat well.   An All-American favorite selection. more info

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