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Sweet Pepper - Lipstick | The Good Seed Company
Pepper, Sweet - Lipstick
Our Price: $3.25

A classic cone-shaped sweet pepper, and one of our favorites. Thick-fleshed, sweet and juicy, you’ll love them raw or cooked. A compact heavy-producing plant that does well in our cool climate. We freeze a lot and use in dishes all winter. more info
Sweet Pepper - Paprika | The Good Seed Company Hungarian Boldog
Pepper, Sweet - Paprika Hungarian Boldog
Our Price: $3.25

True Hungarian paprika, with a spicy sweet robust flavor and touch of heat. Makes a beautiful red spice when ground, great for cooking or in a shaker on the table. Loaded with carotenoid antioxidants and vitamin A for enhancing healthy cell development and eyesight. Chopped fresh paprika also makes a pretty yellow fabric dye.

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