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Tomato - Cream Sausage
Our Price: $3.25
Want to start a garden and not sure what to plant? Here’s a collection of ten easy to grow plants that you can seed straight into the garden in the spring. Collection comes with directions for maximum success. Happy planting!

10 Packets. One variety each of: heirloom lettuce, radish, carrot, bush bean, zucchini, beet, pea, spinach, basil and nasturtium (for color, companion planting, pollinators and edible flower treat!)
Prolific, early producer of 4-inch oblong yellow-white DELICIOUS tomatoes, with firm, flavorful flesh. Great for salsa, drying or eating fresh from the vine. Bushy compact plant does not require staking and excels in our climate. Great for pots. Determinate.

Prolific, early producing heirloom. Delicious small pear-shaped tomatoes. Skin runs purple-black to mahogany brown with a dense pulp and a balanced, delicate flavor great for salting, marinades, pastes and salads. Indeterminate.

One of our favorites. Early and prolific Siberian cultivar. Juicy, richly-flavored fruit. Frost-hardy plant that survives autumn frosts with light overnight cover. Indeterminate.

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