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Tomato - Stupice | The Good Seed Company
Tomato - Stupice
Our Price: $2.99

This Czechoslovakian heirloom is a vigorous producer of incredibly early beautiful red round luscious fruit. Wins prizes everywhere. Indeterminate (produces throughout the season).

Tomato - Early Rouge | The Good Seed Company
Tomato - Early Rouge
Our Price: $2.99

This old-time variety is a consistently reliable, productive, and early ripening tomato with fabulous flavor and blemish-free skin. A great market tomato. Determinate (fruit sets all at once.)
Tomato - Principe Borghese | The Good Seed Company
Tomato - Principe Borghese
Our Price: $2.99

A Good Seed FAVORITE! Highly productive, small Italian grape-shaped heirloom with BIG beefsteak flavor, and firm, deep red fruit. Sublime eaten off the vine. Dries well for winter soups and sauces. No canning! Determinate (fruit sets substantially at once.)
Tomato - Moskovitch | The Good Seed Company
Tomato - Moskovitch
Our Price: $2.99

This Russian heirloom is early producer that does well in cool, northern climates. Medium-sized on a compact plant, with deep red skin and rich, succulent flavor. Excellent right off the vine, or processed for canning. Semi-determinate (produces a main crop and smaller amounts until frost; benefits from staking).
Tomato - Moscow Bush | The Good Seed Company
Tomato - Moscow Bush
Our Price: $2.99

Perfect patio tomato. This Russian heirloom is a compact plant that produces small red tasty tomatoes on stout branches that don’t need staking. Determinate (fruit sets all at once).
Tomato - Siberian Patio | The Good Seed Company
Tomato - Siberian Patio
Our Price: $2.99

Treasured heirloom from Siberia (where they know cold!), selected for its good flavor, early maturation (55 days!), and cold-tolerance. Small tomatoes on a stocky compact plant that does well in a pot and needs no staking. Sweet, juicy fruit and amazingly cold-tolerant. Determinate (fruit sets all at once.)
Tomato - Black Krim
Tomato - Black Krim
Our Price: $2.99

One of the oldest heirloom black tomato varieties, native to the southern Ukraine and bred for its ability to absorb maximum heat and light in short, unpredictable summers. A rare beefsteak blessed with thick crisp skin, rich meaty texture and a deep, luscious earthy flavor. May induce an heirloom tomato obsession. Indeterminate (produces all season).


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