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Beet - Cylindra | The Good Seed Company
Beet - Cylindra
Our Price: $2.99

This stout dark red "carrot-shaped" beet dating from about the 1880's is excellent for pickling, slicing, juicing and dehydrating. Roots are about 6-8 inches long and grow well in cool climates and alkaline soils. Can plant close together, and greens are sweet.

Beet - Detroit Dark Red | The Good Seed Company
Beet - Detroit Dark Red
Our Price: $2.99

The classic beet. Round, red and vigorous with tasty nutrient-rich greens and roots. A true heirloom first introduced in 1892. Stores and cans well, can last all winter in root cellar. Grows well in cool climates and alkaline soils.

Beet - Early Wonder | The Good Seed Company
Beet - Early Wonder
Our Price: $2.99

This is a beet for beet green enthusiasts. The beets are delicious...and the greens are sublime. Early vigorous producer of tall shiny green leaves with red veins. The beets themselves are red, slightly flattened and very sweet.

Carrot - Nantes | The Good Seed Company
Carrot - Nantes
Our Price: $2.99

This handsome scarlet sweet-tasting heirloom carrot dates from about 1870 although it has been often improved. This variety is a core-less variety. It is our favorite for eating and juicing, due to its flavor, crispness and juiciness. 6-7” cylindrical and blunt-shaped roots. It is a good keeper and retains its flavor in storage.
Herb - Culver's Root | The Good Seed Company
Culver's Root
Our Price: $2.99

Native to North America, this hardy perennial medicinal is an elegant garden addition. Grows 3-6 ft with striking spikes of showy white blossoms midsummer. Aged root is treasured liver tonic. Aka Black Root by Native American herbalists. Pollinator friendly and homestead, permaculture and polyculture garden favorite.

Greens - French Sorrel | The Good Seed Company
Greens - French Sorrel
Our Price: $2.99

(Rumex acetosa) This old-world perennial is an early spring green with crisp, arrow-shaped leaves and a lightly tart, lemony flavor. Moreover, it is fabulously nutritious, as the deep roots pull nutrients up into the leaves. Makes a great edible pasture cover crop. Plant it once and you’ll have it each spring. Roots also make a good fabric dye. A favorite for the permaculture, polyculture and homestead garden.

Herb - Anise | The Good Seed Company
Herb - Anise
Our Price: $2.99

This sweet, spicy, aromatic, mineral-accumulating Mediterranean culinary and medicinal herb grows to 24” with white flowers in summer, attracting pollinators. Renowned for its licorice flavored leaves, seeds, fruit and essential oils to season dishes and baked goods. Highly valued medicinal. Excellent companion plant. A permaculture, polyculture and homestead garden favorite. Also known as aniseseed.
Herb - Burdock | The Good Seed Company
Herb - Burdock
Our Price: $2.99

Aka "Gobo", the burdock tap root is a crunchy vegetable with a lightly sweet, mild, warm earthy flavor used in Asian cooking and rich in vitamins and minerals. Seeds and leaves are also good in soups, stews and pickled. Related to the artichoke, plant also has been used as a medicinal by herbalists for centuries.
Herb - Caraway | The Good Seed Company
Herb - Caraway
Our Price: $2.99

Fabulous multi-purpose, hardy biennial. Grown primarily for pungent licorice-like seeds that appear in year two, highly valued as a culinary spice and medicinal. The entire plant is edible and also makes an excellent mineral accumulator, pollinator attractor, and companion plant. Delicate feathery foliage is pretty as a garden border. [No shipping to Colorado.]

Herb - Chamomile - German | The Good Seed Company
Herb - Chamomile - German
Our Price: $2.99

An annual form of chamomile that is a treasured medicinal. Prolific petite daisy-like flowers on 12-inch stalks bloom all summer. Plants spread quickly, making a fragrant apple-scented pollinator friendly carpet. Excellent companion and fabric dye plant. Rich source of potassium, calcium and sulfur due to tap root; valuable dynamic mineral accumulator. Reseeds readily. Prized permaculture, polyculture and homestead plant.
Herb - Chervil | The Good Seed Company
Herb - Chervil
Our Price: $2.99

Also known as “French Parsley,” this green herb grows to 2-ft with feathery leaves and delicate umbels of white flowers. Delightful light anise flavor and aroma, and member of French “fine herbes” combination. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it also is a cherished medicinal. Makes a great companion plant.
Herb - Echinacea purpurea | The Good Seed Company
Herb - Echinacea purpurea
Our Price: $2.99

Versatile perennial native to the American prairie, treasured through the centuries for its medicinal value. Aka “purple coneflower,” it produces pretty daisy-like blossoms up to 4” across June through August. Equally at home in a formal garden or a meadow. Flowers and roots useful fabric dyes. A prized homestead plant.
Herb - Elecampane | The Good Seed Company
Herb - Elecampane
Our Price: $2.99

Giant deer-resistant, pollinator-friendly perennial (up to 5 ft), native to central Asia, with large tobacco-like leaves and bright yellow flowers. Root valued by homesteaders over the centuries as dye source and proven medicinal for remedying bronchial and digestive issues. Rich source of inulin. A favorite for permaculture, polyculture and homestead gardens.
Herb - Gumweed | The Good Seed Company
Herb - Gumweed
Our Price: $2.99

Aka “curlytop” or “Curlycup” gumweed. An aromatic, drought-tolerant medicinal native to the western US. Valued late season native bee pollinator, flowering through September. Grows to about 3 ft, with yellow, daisy-like flowers. Flower bud resin prized in teas and tinctures for treating asthma and as topical remedy for poison oak and poison ivy.

Herb - Mallow | The Good Seed Company
Herb - Mallow
Our Price: $2.99

Herbaceous, naturalized, bushy multi-functional perennial. Highly prized medicinal and food source - all parts are edible and full of nutrients due to plant’s tap root, which helps accumulate minerals and trace nutrients in the leaves. Fiber source for cordage and cloth, and valued dye plant. Bee pollinator plant with attractive flowers for cutting. Valued permaculture, polyculture and homestead plant.

Herb - Marshmallow | The Good Seed Company
Herb - Marshmallow
Our Price: $2.99

Indispensable herbaceous perennial, valued by cultures around the globe for centuries. Every part of the plant (root, sap, flower, leaf, seed) provides nutrition and medicine. And yes, it is the source of the sticky confection we all love...thank the early Egyptians! Pollinator friendly. Dynamic accumulator due to long tap root. Permaculture, polyculture and homestead garden favorite.

Herb - Milk Thistle | The Good Seed Company
Herb - Milk Thistle
Our Price: $2.99

A beautiful, miraculous, mineral and vitamin-rich multifunctional plant. Seeds are a valued medicinal, both as a liver tonic and liver tissue rebuilder. All parts are edible and highly nutritious, due to the plant's log tap root. The root is delicious raw or steamed; stem is edible, and the young leaves are tasty steamed or as salad greens (remove the prickles). Even the young thistle heads can be steamed like their relative, the artichoke. Striking green leaves with white veins and 2-inch purple flowers. The seeds also are a favorite food for goldfinches. Vigorous self-seeder. [No shipping to Washington, Oregon]
Herb - Native Stone Seed | The Good Seed Company
Herb - Native Stone Seed - Western Gromwell
Our Price: $2.99

Aka "Western Gromwell" and "Western Stone Seed", this Native herbaceous cold hardy perennial is a member of the borage family. Its root is a long-prized medicinal with anti-viral and antiinflammatory properties, and also is a valued red dye source. Pollinator friendly, with long tap root and beautiful shiny, hard, milk-colored seed “stones”. Permaculture, polyculture and homestead garden plant.

Herb - Parsley - Moss Curled | The Good Seed Company
Herb - Parsley - Moss Curled
Our Price: $2.99

The classic curled parsley, with dark green leaves and compact structure, this vigorous producer has a subtle, sweet flavor and is packed with vitamins and iron pulled up by its long tap root. Valued by herbalists for centuries as a digestive aid and diuretic. We think a handful of raw parsley each day will keep the doctor away and do amazing things for your skin. Attracts butterflies and good companion for peas, peppers, tomatoes and carrots. Leaves and root also are a good fabric dye source.

Showy Milkweed | The Good Seed Company
Herb - Showy Milkweed
Our Price: $2.99

Aka “Silkweed”, this tall, cold hardy perennial herb is a long valued medicinal. Grows up to 5 ft, with fragrant, showy pink flowers that are a prized butterfly food source and nice cut flower. Flower buds and young shoots are nutritious and tasty thanks to plant's long tap root which brings minerals and micro-nutrients up from the soil's depth. Fiber and seed floss are valued as cordage, paper and cloth resources, and flowers make good fabric dyes. Great in a naturalizing wildflower garden. Essential host plant and food source for Monarch butterfly. Prized permaculture, polyculture and homestead plant.

Hollyhock, Tea Kettle Mtn. Mix | The Good Seed Company
Hollyhock, Tea Kettle Mtn. Mix
Our Price: $2.99

Our favorite color mix of this elegant, easy-to-grow heirloom. Hollyhocks are a cottage garden favorite for good reason: they grow to 6 ft on stout stems with a profusion yellow, pink, red and white flowers that bloom July-September. Bees, butterflies and humming birds adore them, AND the flowers are edible, make beautiful dyes and both leaves and flowers have valuable medicinal properties. Long tap root pulls up body-nourishing minerals and micro-nutrients. A permaculture, polyculture and homestead favorite. What’s not to like?

Leeks - American Flag | The Good Seed Company
Leek - American Flag
Our Price: $2.99

This fast-growing, frost-tolerant onion family member is loaded with vitamins K and A and has a sweet, delicate flavor. Wonderful raw or sautéed, in soups, stews or salads, and is gentle on your digestive system. Accumulates and stores body-nourishing minerals in its bulb.

Marigold - Tall | The Good Seed Company
Our Price: $2.99

This hardy self-seeding heirloom, aka “African Marigold” is a must-have for every home garden. Prolific, pollinator friendly, long-lasting bright orange flowers make great companion plants, cut flowers and fabric dye.

Nasturtium | The Good Seed Company
Our Price: $2.99

This heirloom strain of a trailing perennial from tropical America, grown in the North as an annual, is possibly a gardener's best friend. They make an excellent companion plant, drawing insect pests away from a variety of food plants, the young leaves and flowers provide beauty, flavor and nutrients to summer dishes, they are easy to grow and long-blooming, and hummingbirds love them. Permaculture, polyculture and homestead garden favorite.

Poppy - California | The Good Seed Company
Poppy - California
Our Price: $2.99

This hardy poppy is a beautiful, easy to grow long-blooming wildflower. Self seeds readily to produce masses of pollinator friendly bright orange blossoms. A dynamic mineral accumulator due to the plant's tap root, bringing nutrients up to the leaves which,when young are a delicious source of nutrients. The whole plant can be used for dying. Treasured medicinal for calming the nervous system. Valued permaculture, polyculture and homestead plant.

Poppy - Chesaw Mix | The Good Seed Company
Poppy - Okanagan Mix
Our Price: $2.99

This is a mix of poppy seed from GSC’s Chesaw trial gardens in the Okanogan Highlands. A mix of all sorts of hardy poppies that will go wild in your garden and come back on their own if you let them self-seed. A riotous bouquet of colors that blooms all summer. At home in a formal garden or naturalizing in a meadow. Young leaves make tasty and nutritious greens for salads and stir-fries. Lovely cut flowers. Also known as Shirley and Oriental Poppies. Plants are source for herbal remedies and fabric dyes. Permaculture, polyculture and homestead favorite.
Poppy Seed Mix | The Good Seed Company
Poppy - Poppy Seed Mix
Our Price: $2.99

Also known as “Garden Poppy’ and “Opium Poppy”, this fast-growing annual is the source of sweet poppy seeds used in baking. Showy, pollinator friendly blossoms all summer in a range of colors are valuable dye plant sources. Young leaves picked before seed pod sets make a tasty treat raw or cooked and are a good mineral source due to plant’s tap root. At home in a formal garden or naturalizing in a meadow. Historically a valued medicinal all over the globe. Permaculture, polyculture and homestead favorite. (No shipping to West Virginia)

Rhubarb | The Good Seed Company
Our Price: $2.99

Treated as a fruit, this hardy, long-lived perennial heirloom vegetable is also highly valued as a medicinal and has been a garden staple for centuries. A deep rooted dynamic accumulator that loads the edible stalks up with vitamins (esp. vitamins B, C and K) and minerals (esp. calcium). Excellent source of fiber and antioxidants. Good companion plant to brassicas and useful dye plant. Permaculture, polyculture and homestead garden essential.


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