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Bean - Kentucky Wonder Green Bean  | The Good Seed Company
Bean - Kentucky Wonder Green Bean
Our Price: $2.99

This pole bean, aka “Old Homestead,” is a treasured heirloom dating from about 1864. A delicious and prolific green bean with a brown seed and a smooth stringless 7" pod, it has stood the test of time. As a pole bean it does require staking or trellising. Nitrogen fixing legume. Benefits from bacterial inoculant (included).

Bean - Scarlet Runner
Bean - Scarlet Runner Bean
Our Price: $2.99

This heirloom, popular since colonial times, has many virtues It is a beautiful red flowered vine that quickly covers fences, walls and trellises. It also produces delicious snap beans when young, or tasty dried shell beans when mature, and is a nitrogen-fixer and hummingbird feeder. Last but not least, its pretty red flowers are edible!

Morning Glory | The Good Seed Company
Morning Glory, Heavenly Blue
Our Price: $2.99

Aptly named standard from the 1920’s. Massive quantities of trumpet-like blue flowers are truly heavenly on a dewy morning in summer. This vine loves to climb so provide a fence, trellis or poles. The heart-shaped leaves are attractive even before the flowers. It makes a beautiful temporary hedge or can cover up some unsightly object. Super pollinator-friendly. (No shipping to to Arizona or Arkansas)
Dwarf Grey Sugar Snow Peas | The Good Seed Company
Pea - Dwarf Grey Sugar Snow
Our Price: $2.99

We love this heirloom, first described in the 1890‘s. Plants are vigorous and prolific, producing beautiful purple flowers and crunchy, sweet, stringless pods you can eat right off the vine. Also wonderful steamed or stir-fried. Nitrogen fixing legume. Benefits from bacterial inoculant (included).

Green Arrow Peas | The Good Seed Company
Pea - Green Arrow
Our Price: $2.99

An old-timer told us about this variety 30 years ago, and while we’ve tried lots of shelling peas since then, we have not found anything better than these. A high yield flavorful shelling pea with strong vines to 28” and masses of 4" pods loaded with peas (11 peas per pod). Nitrogen-fixing legume. Benefits from bacterial inoculant (included).

Sugar Snap Peas | The Good Seed Company
Pea - Sugar Snap
Our Price: $2.99

One of the world’s best snacks right off of the vine and a great hit with kids. These plump sweet peas are eaten pod and all. The vines grow 5-6’ tall and need support. Nitrogen-fixing legume. Benefits from bacterial inoculant (included).

Sweet Pea | The Good Seed Company
Sweet Pea
Our Price: $2.99

One of our absolute favorite heirlooms for the garden! A long-blooming riot of color with exquisite fragrance, it attracts pollinators all summer long. The long-stemmed flowers are ideal for cutting and, as a legume, it naturally fixes nitrogen in the soil. What could be better?


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