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Hot Pepper - Cayenne | The Good Seed Company
Pepper, Hot - Cayenne
Our Price: $2.99

This classic heirloom hot chili pepper has been in circulation for over 7,000 years. An abundant producer of pretty bright red 5” slender pods, with plenty of heat and a zesty pungent flavor. Hang them in your kitchen for easy access. Also used as a traditional healing herb by many herbalists.

Hot Pepper - Christmas Tree | The Good Seed Company
Pepper, Hot - Christmas Tree
Our Price: $2.99

A long season tiny bright red hot chili pepper, about 1 inch long, that packs a punch. Plant in pots for peppers all winter, or dry them and string a bunch to hang in your kitchen. Great in dishes where you want color, zest and heat. They keep us healthy in the winter and if we’re feeling under the weather, these guys (along with garlic) are the perfect remedy for us.
Hot Pepper - Habanero | The Good Seed Company
Pepper, Hot - Habanero
Our Price: $2.99

This is the hottest pepper we’ve eaten, and in addition has a fabulous slightly sweet flavor. And, beware: this pepper is for folks who like them HOT! Not easy to grow outdoors in our cool climate, however it does well with some protection, and worth the effort for that eye-watering heat.

Hot Pepper - Jalapeno | The Good Seed Company
Pepper, Hot - Jalapeno
Our Price: $2.99

These prolific hot Jalapeno peppers are on a sturdy bush and make masses of 2-3” sharp, spicy fruit with real jalapeno flavor. Reliably sets fruit in northern climates. These peppers are good raw, cooked, or for pickling.


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