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Corn - Glass Gem | The Good Seed Company
Corn - Glass Gem
Our Price: $2.99

Beautiful, translucent multicolored flint and popping corn. Can feel like you are harvesting gemstones when you pull back the husk in the sun. Tall, sturdy productive plants. Popped corn kernels will be small and crispy compared to store-bought, but the flavor will knock your socks off. Lovingly bred and shared by Cherokee corn collector Carl “White Eagle” Barnes from a host of collected native heirloom seed.

Corn - Improved Golden Bantam | The Good Seed Company
Corn - Improved Golden Bantam
Our Price: $2.99

Golden Bantam is an early maturing heirloom corn dating from about 1902 and is a sweet old-fashion corn with a lot of corn flavor.  It tastes like corn and not like sugar! The ears are about seven inches long with large kernels. This variety made yellow sweet corn popular. Improved Golden Bantam, selected to stay tender longer, also has more rows per ear (10 vs 8), with beautiful, broad kernels.
Corn - Strawberry Popcorn | The Good Seed Company
Corn - Strawberry Popcorn
Our Price: $2.99

So named because the short (3”) cobs of colorful red kernels resemble large strawberries. A wonderful and tasty popper - it’s fun to strip the cob of kernels and pop them right up! This beautiful popcorn also makes a striking ornamental. Plants are about 5-6’, with 2-4 cobs/stalk.

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