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Corn - Glass Gem | The Good Seed Company
Corn - Glass Gem
Our Price: $2.99

Beautiful, translucent multicolored flint and popping corn. Can feel like you are harvesting gemstones when you pull back the husk in the sun. Tall, sturdy productive plants. Popped corn kernels will be small and crispy compared to store-bought, but the flavor will knock your socks off. Lovingly bred and shared by Cherokee corn collector Carl “White Eagle” Barnes from a host of collected native heirloom seed.

Corn - Improved Golden Bantam | The Good Seed Company
Corn - Golden Bantam
Our Price: $2.99

Golden Bantam is an early maturing heirloom corn dating from about 1902 and is a sweet old-fashion corn with a lot of corn flavor.  It tastes like corn and not like sugar! The ears are about seven inches long with large kernels. This variety made yellow sweet corn popular. A reliable and tasty producer, even in short, cool summers.
Corn - Painted Mountain | The Good Seed Company
Corn - Painted Mountain
Our Price: $2.99

OMG! Talk about multi-tasking! This nutritious (13% protein!), tasty and colorful corn is great eating fresh, AND dries and grinds easily into an excellent soft flour for muffins and tortillas. It even pops. The deep-colored kernels are packed with antioxidants. 6” cobs on short robust productive plants that are hardy and withstand early frosts and drought. Lovingly developed for over 40 years by Dave Christensen in Big Timber, MT from 70+ strains of native corn. Painted Mountain fulfills Dave’s vision of rescuing an endangered gene pool and providing a reliable and fast-maturing, nutritious and flavorful food source that grows well in mountains and high desert climates around the world. Learn more at: SeedWeNeed.com


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