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Spinach - Bloomsdale
Our Price: 2.99
Greens - Tatsoi
Our Price: 2.99
Classic  heirloom spinach with rich, sweet flavor, dating back to the 1820's. Dark green, lightly crinkled, thick glossy leaves stand upright for easy picking. Frost-hardy, productive early green; doesn’t bolt in the heat of summer. Extremely hardy and productive heirloom dating back to at least 1860’s. Delicious curly blue-green leaves on a compact, frost-resistant plant. Plant in fall for early spring crop. A wonderful early, frost-hardy Asian green. Lots of greens on small sweet, flavorful white stalks.  It does well in our cool springs; or plant it in the fall for a really early spring green. Harvest whole or cut leaves like a "cut and come again" green.

Ridiculously easy, fast-growing, bolt-resistant salad green for the garden or a flat on your window sill. Grow it all year-round. Pretty leaves on easy to harvest erect stems, with delightful delicate flavor. Released through Open Source Seed Initiative (OSSI). Bred by Frank Morton of Wild Garden Seeds.

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